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We regularly update our unique Q&A bank to stay current.
Overlapping questions appear in all corresponding categories.

Step 1

32 subject categories
focusing on meticulous details of organ systems, basic sciences, statistics, diagnosis, and management

Step 2

30 subject categories
mastering diagnosis and management

Step 3

30 subject categories
mastering practical concepts related to outpatient, inpatient, emergency, diagnosis, and management


Extremely condensed, to-the-point, Q&A format implements simple gestures for easy navigation.

Track your Progress

Each Step is separated into standard categories with progress tracking of correct and incorrect answers along with flagged questions. Progress circles and progress bars allow you to track your performance at-a-glance.

Focused Reviews

Select the category you wish to study at any given time. Return to where you left in any category, review flagged items, attempt a random selection of 250 missed answers, or challenge yourself with a random selection of 250 questions from various categories.

Time Crunch

Studying traditional question banks is essential for passing. However, volumes of information need to be reviewed in a limited time. Material studied weeks ago is no longer fresh in your memory.

More Info, Less Time

StepGRIND allows you to review 10 to 15 concepts per minute! Keep material fresh in your mind! This APP is the perfect compliment to your traditional question banks.

Study On-the-Go

Between classes,
During waiting times at clinical rotations,
While waiting in line for food,
Anytime, Anywhere, StepGRIND!


Simple to use,
Constantly updated,
Time efficient,
To help you maximize your scores



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